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I’m Eliot Sykes, London-based web developer, open source contributor, and host of the Web Dev Break screencast.


Web Dev Break Screencasts


Past clients include


Adam Shimali, Freelance Developer

Anyone working with Eliot soon finds out that he’s a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve seen him dig into new and poorly understood areas of the code base and come up with something clean, testable, usable and easy to understand.

But he’s not just a “heads down” and bash out the code sort of person. He has proven his ability to “get stuff done” in the right way, not only for clients, but on his own successful live projects as well.

I often think it’s a mistake to label a skilled engineer as a Java developer or Grails developer or “insert technology here” developer. This is particularly true of those rare developers like Eliot who I think could turn his hand to just about any technology and come up with results. Eliot is a “gets stuff done and learns in the process” developer, and those are the kind the industry needs.

George McIntosh, Elevenware

Eliot is extremely passionate about software development, and enjoys keeping his skills up to date. As the founder of various successful live projects, as detailed in his profile, he brings to the table the ability to actually ship code, and has good insight into the pitfalls and gotchas that surround putting an application live.

I worked with Eliot at BSkyB, and was pleased when I had the opportunity to recommend him to a subsequent client of mine, Odobo, where he proved once again to be a real asset.

Matthew Smith, Freelance Developer

Eliot was one of our finest hires in the Net Services group at Alliance Boots. He was hired on contract to assist in the development of a number of challenging software projects that were either in progress or about to begin.

Eliot immediately showed great capacity for understanding new systems and for writing clear, well tested and high quality code. Coupled with his personable and friendly approach he was quickly embraced by the team and became an indispensable member. Eliot also proved to be a very effective technical lead on a number of projects.